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Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Kosciol Niepokalanego Serca Najswietszej Maryi Panny
Jezu, ufam Tobie

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 "Good Shepherd, with Your embrace we are safe and secure.  Within Your embrace, we know that we are precious in Your sight.  Within Your embrace, we feel the warmth of family and belonging.  Within Your embrace, we grow and are nurtured together as one flock, the people of Your pasture under Your loving care and protection."     Amen.     
"O Mary, Intercede for us.  Mary, who raised your Divine Son with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, intercede for all young people, especially those clouded by doubt about their vocations.  May the light of grace pierce their hearts so they may answer Your Son's call, especially those whom He is inviting to the priesthood and consecrated life".    Amen

                                                                A Prayer for Ukraine:
                         "Loving God, we pray for the people of Ukraine, for all those suffering or afraid,
                          that You will be close to them and protect them.  We pray for world leaders,
                          for compassion, strength and wisdom to guide their choices.  We pray for the 
                          world that in this moment of crisis, we may reach out in solidarity to our brothers
                          and sisters in need.  May we walk in Your ways so that peace and justice become
                          a reality for the people of Ukraine and for all the world".   Amen

                                                             MASS SCHEDULE

SATURDAY          April 20
                                 8:00 am           For Our Parish Family
                                 4:00 pm   +      Jessica James
SUNDAY              April 21
                                 8:00 am           Sharon & Gerry Scott (Wedding Remembrance)
                               10:00 am    +     Leokadia & Henryk Dobrowski
                               12:00 pm    +     James and Barbara Bolesta (50th Wedding Anniversary Remembrance)

MONDAY             April 22
                                 8:00 pm   +      Robert & Veronica Chase (Wedding Anniversary Remembrance)

TUESDAY            April 23
                                 8:00 am    +     Maria & Jan Serafin

WEDNESDAY      April 24
                                 8:00 am    +     Wladyslawa & Stanley Blaut

THURSDAY         April 25
                                 8:00 am    +     Melanie Mohney (10 year Anniversary of Death)
FRIDAY               April 26
                                8:00 am     +     Celia & Stanley Gutfranski (Anniversary Remembrance)
SATURDAY         April 27
                                8:00 am           For Our Parish Family
                                4:00 pm    +     Dolores Roche (Birthday Remembrance)

SUNDAY             April 28
                                 8:00 am    +    Kenneth Bialkowski
                               10:00 am    +    Irena & Jozef Wyszynski
                               12:00 pm    +    Ann Kunas


Congratulations to our Spring Fling Winners! - 
1st Prize - $250.00   Joe Milkovich
2nd Prize - $100.00  James Krakowski
3rd Prize - $50.00     M.K. Kowalski
4th Prize - $25.00     Pat Pereces
5th Prize - $25.0       Mike & Elaine Murray
Thank you to all who participated and supported our Spring Fling raffle to raise money for our parish, Immaculate Heart of Mary!

Friday, May 3rd, is the 130th Anniversary of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish - a wonderful way to celebrate this day would be to begin it by attending the 8:00 a.m. Mass in the convent.  The door opens at 7:30 a.m.  Hope to see you there!  After Mass, you might consider going out for breakfast, and reminisce about your life as a member of the parish with fellow attendees.

Devotions in Honor of the B.V.M. During the Month of May - 
1) The Rosary will be prayed 20 minutes before our 4:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. weekend Masses.  
2) Father Andrzej Panek will celebrate a 6:00 p.m. Polish Mass followed by a Marian devotion on the Fridays in May.
3) During the Easter season, a traditional prayer to say is the "Regina Caeli, Queen of Heaven":  
                                                   "Queen of Heaven, rejoice alleluia.
                                              The Son whom you merited to bear, alleluia!
                                                        has risen as He said, alleluia.
                                              Rejoice and be glad, O Virgin Mary, alleluia!
                                                    For the Lord has truly risen, alleluia!"
4) Pray the Rosary for your own spiritual enrichment, daily if possible.

Parish May Crowning Prayer Service is Saturday, May 4th - at approximately 4:45 p.m. immediately following the 4:00 p.m. Mass.  Hopefully, your schedule will permit you to participate in this prayer time in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.  All are welcome.

IHM Art & Environment Committee - will prepare our church with its "May Altar" on Saturday, May 4th at 8:30 a.m.

Thank You from our Neighboring Parish - The Society of St. Vincent de Paul (St. John Nepomucene Church) would like to thank the parishioners of IHM Church for your generous donation of can and paper products to our food pantry (10 boxes) on March 19th.  It was very much appreciated!  It will help many people at Easter.  May God bless you all!

The Easter Season - this season is, in the words of the third century theologian Tertullian, "the most joyous space in the Church's year".   Today, and for the next fifty days until Pentecost Sunday, May 19th, we will celebrate and rejoice in the triumph of Christ over the power of death.  This time period has also been known as one "Great Sunday".   You may want to consider attending daily Mass in our convent as a way of participation more fully, and continuing the celebration of the Lord's resurrection in a very special and spiritual way.  The convent door opens at 7:30 a.m.

Easter Collection Information for 2024 and Recent Past Years:
2024 - $17.651.50       2020 - $11,894.00       2016 - $15,854.00
2023 - $16,176.00       2019 - $16,427.00       2015 - $12,395.00
2022 - $18,563.00       2018 - $16,760.45       2014 - $13,277.00
2021 - $17,714.00       2017 - $16,959.00       2013 - $14,179.00

Catholic Home Missions Appeal - Nearly 40% of dioceses in the United States and its territories are considered mission territories because they are unable to fund essential pastoral activities needed in their communities.  Your support funds religious education, seminary formation, lay ministry training, and other programs that build vibrant faith communities right here in the United States.  More information can be found at (www.usccb.org/home-missions).   There is an envelope in your mailed home packet for this purpose.  Due date is April 28th.

There is NO District Pre-Baptism Class in the Month of May - The parishes that share this responsibility in our district are Holy Name, Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes, St. John Nepomucene and St. Stanislaus.  These parishes have been conducting this class for well-over 27 years in this manner.  We have the class monthly in one of these five parishes, except for May and December.  IHM usually has it in February and August.

Raising Dahlias Blooming Bonds - You are invited to a special Mother/Daughter Event.  This event promises to be a beautiful journey into the heart of your relationship.   This event offers a sanctuary where you can both pause, reflect, and grow in your relationship with Jesus, each other and yourself.   Reserve your place for this day:  Sunday, April 28th, 12:30-4:00 p.m., at St. Albert the Great Church, 6667 Wallings Road, North Royalton.   Cost:  $35/person, $70 for Mom and 1 Daughter, $100 for Mom and 2+Daughters.  Each additional adult is $35.  for questions and more information contact Toni Espositio (toniespositio870@gmail.com), or cell:  440-225-3257.   There is a flier on the church bulletin board with more detailed information.

The Catholic Cemeteries Association - offers free, safe and compassionate monthly Grief Support meetings in-person in six of our offices and virtually.   For more information or questions visit:  (https://www.clecem.org/information/Bereavement.aspx), or call Rhonda at 216-930-4866.

Catholic Cemeteries Pre-Planning Seminars - You are invited to attend a 1-hour pre-planning seminar at one of two places:
1) Calvary Cemetery, Cleveland on Saturday, May 4th at 1 p.m. in the main office building.  Located at 10000 Miles Avenue in Cleveland, 44105.  Please RSVP:  216-641-7575 ext. 2 or email (bstrauchon@clecem.org)

2) Holy Cross, Brook Park on Wednesday, May 8th at 5:30 p.m. in the main office building.  Located at 14609 Brookpark Road in Brook Park, 44142.  Please RSVP:  216-641-7575 ext. 3 or email (bstrauchon@clecem.org).
At both sites, the presentation will be to learn more about the necessary steps to pre-planning the burial process, burial options, including options for cremated remains, and the Catholic burial rite.  Remember to RSVP at either site.

World Day of Prayer for Vocations, April 21st - On the fourth Sunday of Easter, the Church universally celebrates World Day of Prayer for Vocations, also known as Good Shepherd Sunday.   This is a special time when we dedicate prayer to those in the Church discerning their vocation.  Our vocational commitment is the way a baptized Catholic models Jesus' own self-giving through the commitment as a married person, as a religious order person, as an ordained priest or deacon, or as a single person.  We, therefore, pray today for one another in our parish and diocese so that Jesus will shepherd us through the Holy Spirit to encourage, strengthen and build up the local Church community as we live our Jesus' mission for our lives.  We also look upon those who have already committed their lives in their vocations, and we pray for their resolve and strength to continue in their living example.  For more information, contact the Diocesan Vocation Office:  (egarris@dioceseofcleveland.org) or call 440-943-7655.  Fr. Eric Garris is the Diocesan Vocation Director.

​2024 Catholic Charities Appeal Update for Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish - as of the February 2024 report:  Goal is $10,963; pledged is $3,455; 32% has been reached; households are 344; Donors are 14, 4%.  Remember to fulfill your pledge during this appeal year.  If you would like to participate, envelopes can be found in the pamphlet racks by the confessional rooms.  Thank you to all participants.

How Well is the Blue Envelope Doing? - You may recall my explanation about the Diocese of Cleveland's "Keeping the Faith" program on the weekend of November 19, 2023 at all of our Masses.  Parishes without schools have been asked by Bishop Malesic to partner with a parish with a school.  IHM parish is partnering with St. Stanislaus Elementary school through the use of the blue envelope.  A check was presented to the school principal, Deborah Ann Martin, on Tuesday, March 5, 2024 for $726.00.  This is the amount donated for January and February.   This will be an ongoing appeal to help the school, and our commitment as requested by Bishop Malesic.  I will keep you posted each time we present the money to the school.  Thank you to all who have been able to participate.   Father Ralph Hudak

District Pre-Baptism Class - for parents will be held at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, 3395 East 53rd St., on SundayApril 21st at 11:15 a.m.   Call the parish office during regular business hours to register or for more information (216-641-2829).

Available Mass Dates Open for the Month of August, September and October - The following dates are open:  In August:   18 (12p), 27 (8a), 30 (8a), 31 (8a & 4p); in September:  16 (8a), 19 (8a), 28 (8a);  In October:  9 (8a), 12 (8a), 13 (12p) and 31 (6p Eng).    Please consider scheduling a Mass for your beloved dead or any other event.

IHM Parishioners Support Catholic Education Through the Use of the Blue Envelope - The diocese program "Keeping the Faith" has been implemented in IHM parish by collaborating with St. Stanislaus Elementary School.  Through the use of the blue envelope in your mailed home packet, 24 parishioners have already contributed $450.00 towards the St. Stanislaus Elementary School.  You are encouraged to support Catholic education in this endeavor as the opportunity presents itself for you.   Thank you!

2024 English and Polish Missalettes - They are NEW!   Both of these liturgical aides are used for one whole year.  Let's keep them in good condition.  An appropriate way to do so is by placing the Polish missalettes ONLY into the plastic racks attached to the back of the pew, and by placing the English missalette on the end of the pew seat near the aisle side.  The English missalette is too thick for many of the plastic racks.  This method will hopefully eliminate damage to the missalettes and more damage to the plastic book racks.  Many of the racks are already cracked.  Cost for the missalettes:  English - 224 @ $1,751.68 and Polish - 250 @ $2,711.00  Cost includes shipping and handling.

Fr. Andrew Panek Will Celebrate Once-a-Week on Sunday the 8:30 a.m. Polish Mass at St. John Cantius Church Beginning January 7, 2024 - Fr. Jim Roach, pastor of St. John Cantius, requested Fr. Panek's help, because Fr. Andrew Knapik was granted early-retirement status for health reasons.  This took effect October 1, 2023.  Fr. Knapik will return to Poland in the near future.  The Bishop's office is aware of this situation, and it encourages priests help one another when the need arises.  This does not change Fr. Andrew Panek's assignment at IHM, and he will be back in time to celebrate the 10:00 a.m. Sunday Mass at IHM.  His living quarters will remain at IHM.  The location of St. John Cantius:  near Westside of Cleveland, 906 College Avenue.

New Blue Envelope will be in your Monthly Mailed Home Envelope Packet Beginning in January 2024 - You may recall my explanation about the Diocese of Cleveland's "Keeping the Faith" program on the weekend of November 19, 2023 at all of our Masses.  Parishes without schools have been asked by Bishop Malesic to partner with a parish with a school.  IHM parish is partnering with St. Stanislaus Elementary school.  People can help in many ways, but IHM's Parish Pastoral Council has suggested that we try this envelope method.  The blue envelope is entitled:  "Future of Catholic Elementary Schools" - IHM Parish in collaboration with St. Stanislaus School - Cleveland.  You have an opportunity to assist our neighboring parish school financially through the use of this envelope whenever you so desire.  The money collected through this envelope will then be given to St. Stanislaus Elementary School to be used according to their discretion.  A periodic report will be given about how much money has been donated to the school.  This is a developing partnership between our two parishes and throughout the Diocese of Cleveland.  Therefore, more information will be forthcoming.   Fr. Ralph Hudak

Dear City of Cleveland Senior - As a valued customer of the Cleveland Department of Water, you may be eligible for Cleveland Water's Homestead Program.  This program offers lower rates on your water and sewer bills.  To qualify, you must meet the following criteria:  1) For the Homestead Water Rate Application:  65 years or older, 2) For the Disability Water Rate Application:  Under the age of 65 years, 3) Own and live at the service address and 4) Meet current income guidelines, $39,000.  Homestead applications are available in our pamphlet racks near the confessionals.  If you have any questions, please contact Yolanda Walker, Department of Aging, Utility Liaison at 216-420-7656 (Tues., Thurs., & Fri.) or 216-664-2444 ex 37897 (Mon., & Wed.).  Mail applications to:  Department of Public Utilities, P.O.Box 94687, Cleveland, Ohio 44101-4687.

​"Cleveland Catholic Diocese's Heart of a Shepherd Campaign" - began in the summer of 2019.  It is well underway in its efforts to raise $30 million for 1) $20 million to renovate the two seminaries:  St. Charles Borromeo and St Mary's major seminary both on the same campus in Wickliffe, Ohio:  2) $7 million to care for retired priests:  3) $3 million to support newly ordained clergy to help pay off college loans as needed:  and 4) gives parishes an opportunity to raise funds for their needs.  Immaculate Heart of Mary parish has contributed three of three towards this goal:  $8,704.66 on December 12, 2021, $8,704.66 on November 10, 2022, and $8,704.68 on November 12, 2023 for a total amount of $26,114.00.  We have completed our pledge with this third installment.  In the name of Bishop Edward Malesic and the seminary community "Thank You!"     Fr. Ralph Hudak

Weekly Offering

                                           Easter Collection - $17,651.00 (4/14/24 add'l $30.00)                                                                                                                 Good Friday - $1,657.00 (4/14/24 add'l $10.00)  
                                                  Art & Enviroment - $894.00    Rice Bowl - $464.23                                    
                                                 Keeping the Faith (St. Stanislaus School) - $95.00
                                                        04/07/2024 - $2,567.00  (R&R) - $332.00
                                                        04/14/2024 - $2,733.00  (R&R) - $303.00

Thank you for supporting IHM church!   Father Ralph Hudak

The 2024 Mass Intention Book is opened!   To schedule in person, please come to the rectory on Monday & Friday, 10:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m..   The stipend for a Mass intention is the Diocesan recommended $10.  Only TWO weekend Masses will be permitted per every five intentions scheduled.  To accommodate those with a work-schedule, homebound or traveling a long distance conflict, we will accept requests in writing.  These may be mailed to the rectory (6700 Lansing Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44105) or place in the Sunday collection basket.  Please mark the envelope "Mass Intentions", include in it your name, phone number, the name for whom the Mass is intended, Mass date and time and stipend.  Make checks out to "Immaculate Heart of Mary Church".  If you have a special anniversary to celebrate, DO NOT WAIT until the last minute to schedule it!

  Immaculate Heart of Mary's Polish Parish School of Religion (PPSR) - meets on Sundays at 11:00 am - Noon in the convent for grades K-8.  For more information or to register, contact Fr. Andrzej Panek at 216-341-2734, Beata Pierzynski at 216-355-7424, or come to the convent on Sunday at this specified time period.

Reminder About the Three-Year Nationwide Eucharistic Revival - In their November 2021 meeting, the U.S. bishops announced their intention to launch this revival.   This effort officially began on Corpus Christi Sunday, June 19,2022 and it includes a Eucharistic Congress in 2024.  The bishops' goal is to "rekindle Christ by embracing Truth, Beauty and Goodness of His Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist".  A diocesan focus will include Eucharistic processions and adoration events.  Beginning in 2023, the Parish year will emphasize what the Eucharist really means.   The third year, 2024, includes a Eucharistic Congress in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis from July 17-21.  Further developments of this revival will be forth coming.

Standing with Moms in Need (for your information) - "The Catholic Church has a long history of service to those who are most vulnerable and remains the largest private provider of social services in the United States.  Through the sacrificial efforts of faithful Catholics, the Church serves millions through diocesan ministries and agencies.  Catholic hospitals and schools and parishes.  From religious communities to pregnancy care centers, from refugee resettlement services to foster care and adoption agencies, and from maternity homes to parish based ministries, the Church consistently bears witness in word and deed to the beauty and dignity of every human life - including both mother and child".  (U.S, Conference of Catholic Bishops)

Information for Senior Age People - If you have an IRA retirement account and you are 70 1/2 years old or older, please consider an IRA Charitable Rollover to benefit your parish, Catholic Charities, Priestly Formation, Catholic Education or another ministry in the Diocese of Cleveland and/or a "Not for Profit" organization in the community.  For more information, read some of the material placed on the church bulletin board or in the two pamphlet racks near the confessionals.

Are you in the process of moving? - In order to serve you the best way possible, we need your current information.  Any changes in your family information should be updated with the Parish Office.  Thank You!

Catholic Cemeteries Association Grief Support/ "In-office" and "Virtual" - We continue to provide free monthly grief support groups in two formats:  In-office (3pm) and Virtually (5pm).  Our Grief Support Groups meet the 3rd Sunday of every month.  Meetings are open discussion format, surrounding a monthly topic or whatever is on your heart.  They do not build off each other so you can stop in any month and fit right in.  If you are not yet able to talk about your grief, just come to listen and be in the presence of those who understand.  The April 21st topic  is  "Mother's Day and Grief".   We offer a comfortable, private and safe environment where you are free to explore your grief.   Come and be in the presence of those who understand.
Catholic Cemeteries Association follows the guidelines set by the CDC, the State of Ohio and the Diocese of Cleveland regarding COVID-19 protocols.   We do, however, strongly suggest that those not yet vaccinated or who are otherwise vulnerable, continue to wear a facemask.  CCA will continue to follow strong hygiene practices and encourage all who are ill to stay at home.  Our Virtual Grief Support Group and our monthly grief support e-newsletter are excellent alternatives for individuals who are not able to join us in person for Grief Support.
In-office/ 3-4 pm at St. Joseph Cemetery, Avon (new office); Holy Cross Cemetery Akron (office); Holy Cross Brook Park (office); Calvary Cemetery Cleveland (office); All Saints Cemetery Northfield (office) and All Souls Cemetery Chardon (office).
Virtual/ 5-6 pm via ZOOM follows the same monthly topic discussion as the in-office groups.  Sign-up at (http://bit.ly/ccavirtualgriefsupportgroup) to receive login information and the handout materials.  You can join virtually from any Wi-Fi enabled area via computer, laptop, smartphone or even without Wi-Fi (via audio only) from your analog phone.  If you do not have Wi-Fi or email, please contact Rhonda at 216-930-4866.
Your RSVP for both In-Person and Virtual Grief Support is appreciated but not required to attend.  For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Rhonda at 216-930-4866 or rabrams@clecem.org.

​"A Closer Walk with Thee" - (CCA Monthly Grief Support E-Newsletter) - This e-newsletter is emailed the first Tuesday of each month to any family/individual who has expressed an interest in our bereavement programs.   To subscribe to this valued grief support resource, visit:  https://www.clecem.org/Information/Bereavement.aspx and click the tan signup box on the right side, contact Rhonda rabrams@clecem.org or at 216-930-4866.  You can also click this link and go directly to the signup:  https://bit.ly/ccabereavementbulletin.

Protecting God's Children - The Diocese of Cleveland's "Protecting God's Children" program is a continuing effort to instruct and inform everyone about the protection of children from sexual abuse.  To report any past of present suspected inappropriate behavior toward children by priests, deacons, religious, lay ecclesial ministers or personnel associated with the Church, please contact the Diocesan response Service Office at 216-334-299 or via email at responseservices@dioceseofcleveland.org.  You are also asked to immediately inform local authorities about inappropriate behavior.

Practicing Spiritual Communion - When the faithful are unable physically to attend Mass, they should be recommended to practice "spiritual communion", an act to which the saints have given a consistent witness.  Spiritual communion is a traditional practice of expressing to the Lord our longing for him and our desire for Him to enter our hearts.  St. Theresa of Avila (1515-82) said:  "When you do not receive Communion and you do not attend Mass, you can make a spiritual communion, which is a most beneficial practice; by it the love of God will be greatly impressed on you".  While there is no formula prescribed by the Church to make an act of spiritual communion, prayers composed by various saints are part of the Church's rich treasury of devotions.  One of the more popular acts of spiritual communion comes from St. Alphonsus Liguori (1696-1787): 
                           "My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  I love You above all things
                            and I desire to receive You into my soul.  Since I cannot now receive You sacramentally, come at 
                            least spiritually into my heart.  I embrace You as if You were already there, and unite myself
                            wholly to You.  Never permit me to be separated from You.  Amen"

The Sunday Television Mass can be seen at 10:00 am on WUAB Channel 43 - This provides viewers with an opportunity to take part in the weekly celebration of the Mass at a much more convenient time.  In addition, WUAB 43 is an over-the-air station that is accessible even to those without cable TV.  Those with cable TV need only to check their local cable system listing to determine where WUAB is located on their channel line-up.  The weekly TV Mass is produced by the Diocese of Cleveland, it originates from the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist in downtown Cleveland.  The televised Mass has been a staple of religious programming on Northeast Ohio airways for decades, cultivating a dedicated and faithful following.  It is hoped that viewers will continue to tune in on this new station at this new, more convenient time.  The TV Mass can also be accessed on demand starting Saturday evening and running throughout Sunday on the Diocese of Cleveland website, www.dioceseofcleveland.org.  In addition, the Mass can be heard on the radio, on AM 1260 The Rock at 4:00 pm on Saturdays and 10:30 am on Sundays.  Also, radio station WINT-1330 AM airs the Mass each Sunday at 9:00 am and Cox Communications cable subscribers can view the Mass on Sunday at 11:30 am on channel 45 and cable station 18 EWTN has its own Sunday and weekday (8:00 am, Noon and 7:00 pm) schedule of Masses.  In addition to the Holy Mass, AM 1260 The Rock offers numerous opportunities for prayer throughout the day.  The Holy Rosary at 5:30 am and 9:30 pm and the Divine Mercy Chaplet:  5:00 am Monday thru Friday; 3:00 pm Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Please visit am1260therock.com for their full schedule.

​The Mass is the Greatest of Prayers - Some reasons for Mass intentions are an expression of our faith, belief in life after death, belief in the power of prayer to help the deceased during their time of purification (souls in purgatory), for a particular person or persons who have died, for an anniversary of death, wedding anniversary, for health, alcohol-drug addiction, financial help, peace in the world, for our government, a happy death, respect for life, Devotion to Mary or other special intentions.



My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord,
My spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for He has
looked with favor on His lowly servant.
From this day, all generations will call me
The Almighty has done great things for me,
And Holy is His Name.
He has mercy on those who fear Him in 
Every generation.
He has shown the strength of His arm,
He has scattered the proud in their conceit.
He has cast down the mighty from their thrones,
And has lifted up the lowly.
He has filled the hungry with good things, 
And the rich He has sent away empty.
He has come to the help of His servant Israel 
For He remembered His promise of mercy,
The promise He made to our fathers, 
To Abraham and his children forever

                                                          Immaculate Heart of Mary

May the Immaculate Heart of Mary shine before the eyes of all Christians as the model of perfect love toward God and toward our fellow beings; may it lead them toward the Holy Sacraments by virtue of which souls are cleansed from the stains of sin and are preserved from it.  May it also stimulate them to make reparation for the innumerable offenses against the Divine Majesty.  Lastly, may it shine like a banner of unity and a spur to perfect the bonds of brotherhood among all Christians in the bosom of the one Church of Jesus Christ, which "taught by the Holy Spirit, honors her with filial affection and piety as a most beloved mother"